The kind-hearted laptop thief

If you've ever had a computer stolen, you'll know how upsetting it is - not just the lost kit, but the lost documents, emails and photos that go with it. Even if you back up regularly, there'll always be something recent you lose and can't get back.

So, if you ever have your laptop stolen again, hope it's by this guy. A Swedish professor had his computer stolen last week, and was distraught at the loss of the important research it had stored on it. Imagine, therefore, his delight when, a week later, a USB stick arrived in the post with all his data on it.

'This story makes me feel hope for humanity,' the professor told his local newspaper. As Gizmodo points out, 'you could argue that had the thief had a touch more humanity in his bones he wouldn't have stolen the laptop in the first place.'

Still, we guess we'd rather be robbed by this guy than anyone else...

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