The iWatch. Really?

So as the period of uncertainty about Apple’s continuing ability to outpace innovation and keep tempting the world with technology’s thrilling tease continues, could the next bid for interactive domination be the iWatch?

It is one of the most ludicrous aspects of capitalism that a company as successful as Apple – that has done so much to revolutionise personal technology and built itself into such an economic powerhouse should be under pressure from shareholders and the financial community to come up with ‘the next big thing’ or be deemed a failure. Perpetual growth over the long term is simply an unsustainable fantasy, so why can’t they just focus on what they have already achieved and keep sales stable without trying to find ever more contrived ideas.

Like the iWatch. Former Apple employee Bruce Tognazzini made headlines this week by blogging about the very real possibility of an iWatch. Who uses watches these days anyway you might ask – most people just use their phones for the time – and watches tend to be impeccably crafted and stylish fashion choices. But Bruce seems very enthusiastic about the idea – and wading through his writing – it seems that he is most excited about it being a sort of device to manage other devices. Is there not something faintly ridiculous about that very idea?

He says

‘The iWatch will have a few functions it performs entirely on its own, chief among them being telling you the time. It’s chief role will be that of office manager, facilitating and coordinating your use of your other iDevices and the Internet by gathering data, delivering messages, storing and forwarding, coordinating tasks, and carrying out functions that extend the capabilities of your other devices. The iPhone or other primary device will be the executive in charge, making the decisions, setting the strategy, and apportioning tasks.’

Apparently it will also find your iPhone if you mislay it. Can anyone really see this taking off?

Written by Cyrus Bozorgmehr - Google+ Profile - More articles by Cyrus Bozorgmehr

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