The irony!

According to reports the founding member of file-sharing website Napster, Sean Parker is considering buying one of the record labels he all-but destroyed, Warner Music Group (WMG). Yes, the irony isn’t lost on us either.

Sean Parker founded Napster in 1999, by 2001 he had singlehandedly reshaped how consumers bought their music. This led to him being sued by every label under the sun (including WMG) forcing his website to go legitimate. Since then Parker has become firm friends with Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook, the story of which was portrayed by Justin Timberlake in the Oscar winning film The Social Network. Parker now owns more than $1bn worth of shares in the social networking site, hence his ability to be able to buy one of the world’s major record labels.

Should Parker win the bid, it’s unknown what he intends to do with his new toy. In the meantime he is a key advisor to music streaming service Spotify. That, and swimming in his Olympic-sized swimming pool of cash. Oh, and he's only 32 years old.

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