The iPhone is Doomed

Classic FPS game Doom is going to be cheering up literally lots of iPhone users next month, when it arrives on the platform with all of its shooty goodness. However Id Software have been downplaying how much fun it is, as though they think it will be a disappointment to people. Which is quite sweet really.

'With the speed (a solid 30 fps, even in the more aggressive later levels), the audio, the resolution, and the rendering quality, it is Doom as you remember it, which is quite a bit better than it actually was,' said John Carmack, technical director of Id.

'If you go back and play the original game on a 386 with a sound blaster, you will be surprised at the 15 fps, FM-synth music, “bathroom tile sized” 320 x 200 pixels, external network game setup utility, and external keyboard configuration. A lot of people remember it as 'The best game EVER!', but 'ever' has sure moved a lot in the last decade!'

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