The iPad killer?


As the iPad basks in its own success having now sold over 2 million of the bleeding things in only 60 days, expect to see every man and his dog unveil their versions of the glow in the dark oblongs before the year out.

We’ve already seen a very solid attempt from HP called The Slate and now Asus have unveiled their shiny toy and dubbed it the ‘iPad Killer’. The Eee Pad (wonder where they got the inspiration for the name?) made its debut at yesterday's Computex show in Taipei and boasts the Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS. It can do everything the iPad can do but with some added extras. Unlike the iPad the Eee Pad has a USV, HDMI and card reader ports as well as a webcam and, what they hope could be the deal breaker, the ability to support Flash - i.e. no more frustrating little blue lego bricks.

Talking about its chance of success in a new tablet market, UBS expert Edward Yel told Reutersl: ‘it's all about the platform if Asustek really wants to do well in this field. I'm sure the hardware is fine, but the biggest question now is how it's going to attract enough users to create the critical mass needed for an app store.’

Its battery life is on a par with the iPad at 10 hours per full charge, it has a choice of two screen sizes 10inch and 12inch and will be priced at £275 (£224 less than the iPad) when it hits stores in early 2011. By which time every man and his dog will no doubt already own an iPad....

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