The internet is Buzzing

Google has decided that annoying Steve Jobs and extending its sinister tentacles into everything we ever do isn’t enough – now they’re moving into the social networking business, with the clear aim of walloping Twitter and Facebook with their bulging money sack. It’s a shame that they’ve given it the rather daft sounding name of Buzz, making it sound almost like a now defunct 80’s fashion magazine.

Buzz will allow users to do all the usual social networking things like status updates, share content and comment on each other’s posts. So far, so underwhelming. It will be integrated with Gmail, which is something, but as yet there doesn’t appear to be a single compelling reason for switching from one of the myriad other social networking sites. Having said that from the sounds of it video will be quite natty. Why not check out the video below and see for yourself?

‘(This is) major land grab by Google for the social networking space,’ said Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC. ‘They've launched Buzz with plenty of interesting new features, particularly for mobile users, but the real question is whether there's enough to entice social networkers away from sites like Facebook and Twitter.’

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