The i-mote

We’re ever so slightly intrigued by the idea of one of these Home Theatre Personal Computers (HTPC for the cool kids in the know). It’s the first genuine attempt to integrate the PC and TV experience that we can remember looking like it could be any good, for one thing, and it also means you can bring near enough all of your media together into the HD world (assuming you have a HD telly, of course).

Of these the new The Vision 3D by AS Rock looks pretty handy, bringing all the usual stuff to the party (Blu-ray, drive, small enough to tuck under your telly, Windows 7 as standard), but adding 3D, and the natty little app you can see below, which allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a motion controller. Engadget have tried it out, and claim that it’s as responsive as the Wiimote, which is high praise indeed for a mobile app. Check it out.

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