The HP Slate

The iPad hasn't even been released into the wild yet but almost everyone is keen to get their grubby little mitts on one. Well not everyone: the biggest flaw with the iPad (and all mobile Apple devices *shakes fist at Steve Jobs*) is its inability to support Flash. So big is the buzz over the iPad though, that potential consumers are forgetting this need - even though 75% of all videos online use flash and not having it would mean missing out bigtime.

Enter the HP Slate; almost ergonomically identical to the iPad and with all the same functions - multi-touch screen, the internet, plays music, plays movies, email, wi-fi & 3G capabilities only without the annoying little blue lego brick.

The HP Slate runs Windows 7 and is tipped to be the only tablet PC that could beat the iPad. We’ll have to wait till later in the year to see if this happens. At the moment no firm release date has been set and, more importantly no price. Watch the advert here...

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