The Hoff, a living legend and screen God

From time to time, the world produces a screen legend who spans generations, crosses cultures and breaks down barriers. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Johnny Depp, to name the first that spring to mind. Oh, and of course David Hasselhoff.

What would we do without The Hoff and his happy, puppy dog face popping up on comedy gags the world over (except of course Germany, where he is, I believe, still number one in the music charts.)

If you're a fan of the Hoffmeister, a visit to The Knight Foundation is a must, so you can stock up on Hoff posters. Play Wax on Wax Hoff if you're looking for a 3 second spreadsheet diversion.

Inspired Hoff imagery can be found at The Hoff (Bear with me, I thought this was going to be a short post, but it turns out there is more Hoff appreciation around than previously imagined). Hilarious Hoff-inspired images, including "Kate Hoff and Pete Hofferty" and the "Norton Anti Hoff" can be found at Get The Hoff. And finally, for an exlusive sneak preview of Mr. Hasselhoff's new music video "Jump in My Car", watch here.


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