The future of reading

We love our Kindle, but we're not going to lie: we would rather like it if it was in colour. But the E-Ink technology that powers the Kindle is still in its infancy when it comes to colour. But the good news is, that gives other companies a chance to produce rival technology that's better.

Which is just what Fujitsu appear to have done. The far-Eastern manufacturer has been showing off decent colour e-reader tech for a while, and they've just demo'ed the latest and greatest version - and it's pretty nice.

The screen is reasonably bright, the colour is reasonably clear, the resolution his decently high, and the demo e-reader isn't the thickness of an encyclopedia:

OK, the screen still takes a little too long to 'turn the page', but we quite like that as a reminder of what real books and magazines are like. We reckon this tech could provide a superb way of reading magazines, without the tech-y glow in your eyes that comes from reading for a long time on iPad.

What do you think - would you queue up for this if it made it into a commercial e-reader soon? Or do you think the likes of Amazon should wait another year or so before releasing a colour e-reader?

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