The future of motorcycling

One of the biggest problems for lazy middle class people who have a vague desire to make their lives a little bit less damaging to the environment is that it involves cutting out a load of things that are fun: driving, flying and riding motorbikes are all off the agenda thanks to the enormous amounts of fuel that they consume. So, being lazy and middle class, such people carry on doing such things, and hope that someone else sorts out our impending meeting with the apocalypse.

However, we've seen the way for the future for those who have a fetish for riding on two wheels: the eCRP 1.4, which is a powerful motorbike that runs entirely on electricity. Not only that, but it pumps out a load of torque and makes the classic screeching bike sound, for those of you who have that strange desire to feel a throbbing machine through your legs. Check out the details in the video below, and at their website.

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