The Foreign Office on YouTube

The Foreign Office has followed David Cameron into the land of YouTube by launching the official Foreign Office YouTube channel, where you can watch all the latest videos from the Foreign Secretary and other FCO Ministers, as well as our Ambassadors from around the world.

The mind boggles at what we might expect to find – we can’t help thinking it’s a crying shame that Craig Murray is no longer our Ambassador in Uzbekistan, or we might have been able to enjoy some footage of his lap-dancing Uzbek girlfriend, who is currently onstage in London with her one-woman belly-dancing show. Today’s offerings are sadly rather more sombre. There’s our Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzogovina giving us the low-down on the war in the 1990s, Kim Howells standing in front of a pile of rubble in Lebanon , and even some rather blurry panoramas of Mecca in “Scenes from the Hajj 2007”. What next? Those Tora Bora holiday snaps from our man in Afghanistan?

(Image: from YouTube)

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