The Fix Is In

You have to feel a little sorry for Microsoft. Its Windows Phone 7 software is cleverly-designed, powerful and user-friendly, but it hasn't been selling particularly well. (Hopefully Nokia getting on board will change that.) One reason is that it quickly got a reputation for being buggy when users found themselves slapped with enormous bills for data use. Some Windows Phone 7 handsets were sucking down 50GB of data every day - that's ten times our monthly limit. Bills, bills, bills.

But it turns out it was only kinda-sorta Microsoft's fault. The bug was with Yahoo Mail, and the way Windows Phone 7's mail software connects to it. This was revealed weeks ago, so we're not quite sure why it's taken so long to fix. But it is, now, fixed. Microsoft haven't updated Windows Phone 7 yet, though an update is believed to be imminent; but it turns out Yahoo have figured out a way to solve the problem remotely.

So if you're one of the, ooh, hundreds of people rocking a WP7 handset, and you're also a Yahoo Mail user - there must be at least ten of you - you can go back to checking your email on your phone now. Yes, your £500 state-of-the-art smartphone can now check your email! Isn't progress, er, amazing?

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