The fan for Apple fanboys

The marketplace of iPhone cases has become an industry all to itself - and a chunky subset of that industry is cases which top up your phone's battery. Cases like the Mophie Juice Pack might be slender and effective, but by sucking juice out of the mains just like your regular iPhone battery does, they don't exactly help the environment.

But what about if you could charge up your iPhone using wind power? You're out and about, you're low on juice, you just hold up your iPhone outdoors and let the wind do its work. That's the (OK, slightly wacky) idea behind this iFan concept, from designer Tjeerd Veenhoven. You pop your iPhone in the case, and then any time you need a charge, there it is - a wacking great wind turbine on top of your phone. Of course, the rest of the time it's improbably large, but we guess some sort of detachable option would solve that.

A great idea destined for the market - or likely to be as successful as the wind-up charger fad of a few years ago? We can't guess, what do you think?

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