The facts on the A4 laser printer

One of the most popular types of printers currently on the market, especially for home use, the A4 laser printer has many different versions. There are A4 laser printers that are colour, lower cost models that only print in black and white, those that have networking capability, and those that have scanners and copiers attached to them in a formation usually referred to as multifunction, or all in one.

A4 refers to the size of the paper the printer is able to work with. A4 paper is also known as letter sized paper, and is the most commonly used paper size in several countries throughout the world.

Because they allow you to print off documents and images quickly, even with big jobs, the laser printer has long been the standard for computer printing, whether it is for business or personal use.  Of course, the speed of the printer will vary with the model, but the number of pages per minute that the printer can print is a statistic that is usually disclosed in the company’s product description. Some printers can have a colour page count of 40 per minute. The possible resolution of images varies from model to model, but 2400 dpi is not out of the realm of possibility for an A4 laser printer.

Numerous companies manufacture A4 laser printers, including Xerox, HP, Apple, and many others. Because there are so many model options with and without frills, people in all kinds of price ranges are usually able to afford an A4 laser printer.

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