The Facebook Phone(s)

Yes, we told you in no uncertain terms that Facebook are not making, have not been making, and will never make a phone. But we did acknowledge that manufacturers were likely to make phones with Facebook heavily embedded in them.

And, what's this? Not one, but two Facebook-laden phones. The first comes from INQ, a small manufacturer who's made Facebook-focused phones in the past. And it looks rather foxy. Running on Android 2.2, the INQ Cloud Touch has oodles of funky Facebook tricks built in, including Chat, News Feed and, for some reason, Spotify for music. It'll be out in the UK in April and, if INQ's previous phones are anything to go by, it'll be pleasingly affordable.

The HTC Facebook phone is something we know less about. The main innovation appears to be that it'll have a dedicated button which launches Facebook's web page in the browser. That seems a bit underwhelming. But HTC are masters of fiddling with Android software, so don't rule out the possibility they'll come up with more sophisticated ways of integrating the site more interestingly. We'll know more in a few months.

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