The eyes have it

Username and password. Which password is this? The usual one? The usual one but with a number in? The long one? The high-security one? Some other one? The one this website automatically assigned to me? God I'm depressed. Why is the internet like this!?!

Breathe, lonesome surfy traveller. help may be at hand. A new gadget is available which, if it catches on, could make the days of typing in passwords an unpleasant memory - and increase security at the same time. But you will need to have eyes.

What are we on about? Well, you know how in the movies, people are always using eye scanners for security at top-secret government facilities? What if you could do that with your PC to log into things!

You guessed it - totally happening. The EyeLock, as it's scarily known, is a simple USB doohickey which plugs into your PC. You plug websites, usernames and passwords into the accompanying software and then, when you need to log in, a simple wave of the contraption over your eye will recognise you and grant you access.

This sort of thing often doesn't work as well as it should, so hold off on buying until we get some proper reviews. But when it does come out it should cost less than £100, which sounds like a bargain for all the hassle it'll save.

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