The Eye of Mordor

Competition is great. It's good that console buyers can choose from the Wii, the Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3. And it's good that the Wii has inspired movement-sensing add-ons for the other consoles, Xbox Kinect and the PlayStation Move.

But there's a downside. Each of these requires a widget to put atop your TV to watch out for the controller or, in the case of Kinect, to creepily track your very limbs. It was fine when it was just the Wii's sensor bar, but add in the Kinect device and the PlayStation Eye and you're left without enough room on the TV.

Enter the TriMount. Easily the daftest - but somehow also the most ingenious - peripheral we've seen all year, the TriMount assembles your Wii sensor, PS Eye and Kinect into a bizarre giant totem-pole-like contraption atop your TV. Available for just $30 in the US, which will hopefully translate to around £25 on import, it's out in August. Just don't let anyone from the government fiddle with it, or Big Brother might really be watching you.

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