The exercise bike of the future

Yesterday we brought you the portable bike of the future... now here's the opposite. The $10,000 Ciclotte looks like a 23rd-Century torture device, but it is in fact a 'stationary bicycle' - tech-speak for 'exercise bike.'

Its designer Luca Schieppati started off designing an actual bike, but rapidly realised its large size and general wackiness made it better suited to being used on the spot at home. The pedals turn the wheel that makes up the chassis of the bike, and magnets in the chassis create a magnetic field that pushes back to create that satisfying thighs-on-fire feel.

We're not sure what the weird rabbit-ears on the top are for. We also can't work out how you get on the damn thing. Maybe there's a $2000 stepladder accessory...

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