The evolution of the Oyster card

Have you ever walked ten minutes in the rain to the Tube station only to realise that you've left your Oyster card at home? Well don't fret because Transport for London (TfL) has said that the system's microchips could be embedded in watches and jewellery in the very near future.

There have been recent clampdowns on Oyster users customising their swipe cards, with people removing the chip and attaching it to their mobile phones. "We are of course aware that people have done it, we've observed the various videos people have put up on YouTube," a spokesman for TfL said. "We can't condone or recommend it. We do ask that customers use the Oyster card as issued, one of the conditions of carriage is that we ask customers not to tamper with it."

But TfL acknowledged that the tickets used in the Oyster system are bound to evolve over time: "It'll be an exciting world, with different devices - it might not be just phones, I can see it coming through people's glasses or on their watches."

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