The evolution of the mobile phone

Mobile phones have come a long way since April 3, 1973, when Motorola employee Dr. Martin Cooper whipped out his brick sized Motorola DynaTAC on a New York street and called his rival Joel Engel, head of research at AT&T's Bell Labs, to say 'second is first loser mofo'.

Since that faithful day mobile technology has thankfully become lighter, less cumbersome and a lot cheaper. But instead of reading pages and pages about the evolution of first, second and third generation mobile phones why not just check out the new viral doing the rounds: The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 - Today.

The video is to the history of the mobile phone what Michael Jackson's Black or White was to pop-rock paff videos- well without Macaulay Culkin - with old phones morphing into newer models to a lo-fi soundtrack. Check it out.

The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 - Today

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