The everlasting wireless keyboard

Sometimes a gadget comes along that seems so profoundly sensible, you wonder why no-one’s done it before. Such a gadget is this new Logitech K750 keyboard. It looks like a regular Logitech wireless keyboard, suitable for use at your desk - or on your lap if you have a living room PC. But then you notice something missing – there’s no battery compartment. And what’s that on the top? It’s a solar panel!

Yes, first there were calculators, and now wireless keyboards have gone solar. No more pressing the ‘D’ key repeatedly and being unsure if it’s broken or it’s just that the keyboard’s batteries are low. Even in grey Britain, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping it topped up. Logitech reckon the keyboard has so much internal energy-efficiency jiggery-pokery that it’d work even if left in a dark drawer for two or three months.

Fancy it? It's out next month. There’s no mouse to match, but that’s surely only a matter of time.

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