The EU to reform Fifa

The alleged corruption at the heart of Fifa, football’s world governing body, has become headline news again over the last couple of days, with Lord Triesman’s allegations of bribery and unethical behaviour rocking the sport. Now the European Union wants to step in and clean up the organisation.

The Eu wants to make reforming Fifa a ‘key priority’, according to The Guardian, after Triesman’s allegation, which were followed up by claims form the Sunday Times that two more Fifa men accepted $1.5million (£900,000) from Qatar. Hugh Robertson, the sports minister, says that Fifa will come under increasing international pressure to reform like IOC did in 1999, when 10 members were expelled for forced to resign over a vote-buying scandal.

‘I would like to see really concerted pressure from international bodies to get them to reform,’ said Robertson. ‘We're pretty wound up about it, the Dutch (and) the Australians are pretty wound up and there are a number of others.

‘Cleaning up and reforming international sports institutions is a key objective of the Polish presidency for next year. If the commission take an interest, if whatever country is holding the presidency takes an interest, if we can sustain that for more than one cycle, then we have a chance. No organisation likes being held up to international ridicule and constantly being told they are corrupt. It's got to be much more transparent. They have got to be much more open and much more transparent.’

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