The end of Twitter?

Everywhere you turn these days it’s impossible not hear or see about Twitter. Television shows, radio shows, newspapers, and celebs have their own feeds. Boring as these often are, they add to the perception of the timewasting site as the biggest and only thing in the world. However, according to new figures this isn’t the case.

Twittercism has posted some intriguing facts and stats about the social networking tool that show that the Twitter bubble looks to have finally popped. Across the board all numbers are down. Web traffic through the site fell by 9.63% in February and unique users hit a plateau of 21.3m for the last 2 months.

Before you start posting tears of sadness on your Twitter feed, Twitter themselves have said they still average a mere 50million tweets every single day. Not bad for a company that started a couple of years ago.

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