The Empire's new frontier

Yet more Googlegoodness! How on earth can one mega corporation keeping pumping out news of new developments and new ideas? It’s almost as if our theory of world domination and eventual apocalypse is true, no? Think about it: what would you do if you wanted to take over the world and bring about the fall of mankind? Obviously you’d look to sedate the population with positive propaganda from your all-powerful search engine, right? Right.

Still, Google Chrome has been launched (in beta form at least) for Mac and Linux machines, and despite our misgivings about the coming Matrix-style nightmarish dystopia to come, it really is rather good. Just look at the whizzy video below, for instance. Oooooh.

So what’s new? Well not a lot really, but if you’re a fan of extremely fast browsing and an internet browser that doesn’t suffer all the pointless gubbins that Firefox offers, this is the way to go. Take a look.

‘Chrome has come a long way since launch. We've made even more speed and stability improvements, and it's getting better all the time,’ said Anders Sandholm, Product Manager for Google Chrome. ‘Today's launch is a big step: we wanted to bring Chrome to even more people to improve the way they experience the web.’

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