The disposable Kindle

Sometimes the future seems to be happening at warp speed. Only in the last few months have e-readers become mainstream, and we've seen demos of flexible LCDs that could lead to foldable, pocketable e-newspapers. Now it looks like we might be able to throw those e-newspapers away at the end of the day and buy a new one in the morning.

You see, an engineering professor at the University of Cincinnati in the US has figured out that it ought to be possible to make e-paper based on, well, paper. It could support changing images through 'electrowetting,' the same process which runs current e-paper displays.

Imagine - you pop into the newsagent, pay 2 eurodollars for a piece of paper, read it on the tube - text and images changing as you click through the various articles, in full colour - then just leave it on the tube for someone else to read. The future, coming soon...

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