The Dalai Lama joins Twitter

Last year a fake Dalai Lama Twitter account managed to fool loads of people who wanted to get the latest skinny on what some people refer to as a living god is up to. We can only imagine how upset some Buddhists were when they realised they were being led up the garden path by a cheeky web prankster.

However, those who follow the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism, stop your tears; your spiritual leader has finally got with the times and has officially signed up to Twitter. At the time of writing there are already 57,649 followers, but they’re unlikely to gain much in the way of insight into his daily life. Don’t expect to hear about how annoying it is not having a dishwasher, or how bumpy his flight to LA was, either.

In fact right now the only thing you can see are links to interviews he has done and photos of him from events around the globe, obviously added by his people and not himself. It would be interesting to see if he started making political statements through it though, so watch this space, y’hear?

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