The Daily... er, that's it

A few months ago, rumours surfaced that - fresh from taking his websites paid-for - Rupert Murdoch was readying a subscription-only newspaper made specially for tablet computers. Then the rumours died down for a bit.

But it's real, the news broken by, of all people, Women's Wear Daily (nobody's quite sure how they got the scoop). Called simply The Daily, it'll be charged weekly, which makes no sense but is the way Murdoch's doing it with The Times. It'll cost 99 US cents per week, which usually translates to 59p in UK money.

Engadget reports that the new paper will be 'an electronic paper published seven days a week by a 100-member strong newsroom staffed with 'twentysomething' talent led by a former managing editor from the New York Post. According to the sources speaking to WWD, It'll be written with the 'sensibilities' of a tabloid and the intelligence of a broadsheet focusing on national news.'

Murdoch's critics say he's been running The Times and theWall Street Journal with the 'sensibilities of a tabloid' since he bought them, so it's not clear whether this'll offer anything new content-wise. But the idea is fairly radical, so we're looking forward to taking a look at The Daily's beta, due in early 2011.

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