The cruellest Cut?

Apple fans are a loyal lot, and they tend to snap up the company's new products as soon as they're released - as the queues around the block whenever a new iPhone or iPad is launched testify. And now, with the Mac App Store, it's easier than ever for Mac owners to get hold of new versions of Apple's programs.

Which has a downside - they don't necessarily wait to see if the new version is actually an improvement.

Apple released a new version of its popular, powerful video editing suite Final Cut Pro last week. They knocked down the price, hoping to make the product appeal to a wider range of non-professional users. But it seems that in doing so, they left out some features those professional users consider pretty much essential. Most to pro-users' annoyance, the new software won't work with the project files created by the older versions.

The result is that the new version is getting lots of angry reviews on the Mac App Store - and that's not all. The editors at popular US talk show host Conan O'Brien's show hate the new Final Cut Pro so much they made a video about it!

Apple has, characteristically, responded somewhat half-heartedly to all the fuss. They say most of the missing features will be add-able as paid upgrades, which seems fair enough given the cheaper price of the main software. But those old-version files aren't going to be usable in the new version, whatever happens.

The moral of the story? No matter how much you like a company, don't buy their stuff until you've done your research. $299 is still a lot of money to waste.

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