The cinematic smartphone

Widescreen! It seems like it's everywhere nowadays. Widescreen TVs, widescreen monitors, widescreen windows - oh, OK, we made that one up.

Anyway, they're all over the place. But you might not realise that the kind of widescreen that's become popular in recent years - 16:9 - isn't actually the kind of widescreen used by films. Movies are normally presented in 21:9. That's why even on a widescreen telly, you get bars at the top and bottom of the screen - or lose the sides of the picture.

So if you want the real widescreen experience, 21:9 is the way to go. Even for a smartphone. That, at least, is what Acer are hoping. The PC giant has taken the mega-wide 21:9 route for its new smartphone, the Iconia Smart.

It's not a totally crazy idea. The unusual aspect ratio lets the Smart pack in a lot of screen space - about five inches - into a package not much wider than a regular Android phone. But we do wonder if it'll be too top-heavy to hold in one hand and type. We'll find out if users go for it when it's released in the UK in May.

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