The CeBit computer fair goes Green

Is Green IT just the latest in a long line of oxymorons to roll off the production line of corporate spin? Or can new innovations help the environment? The CeBIT computer fair, which opened yesterday in Hanover, seems to have created more questions than answers, according to a report in today's Guardian.

Recently computer companies have been knocking themselves out to produce wooden computers that smell like trees and erase the phrase ecological footprint from the brain. But according to a representative from IBM Germany, "Green IT is hype."

What? But the interweb is environmentally friendly. No? Back over to the boffins. "Worldwide internet usage alone needs the equivalent of 14 power stations to run the required computers and servers, which means it's producing the same amount of carbon emissions as the entire airline industry," according to a marketing manager with Fujitsu Siemens. Oh well.

But hold on a minute. Before you go destroying your modem and leading a pastoral existence, there is a small glimmer of hope. Greenpeace are on hand at the fair to flag wave their way through the Green IT "corporate greenspeak" and save the day.

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