The car that came out of a printer

See that sleek concept car in the picture? Pretty slick, huh?

Now what if we told you it was made with a printer?

A 3D printer, that is. 3D printers are an insane technology that has been around for a while, but has recently come on leaps and bounds. They work by 'printing' layer after layer of plaster or resin in a shape decided by a 3D design program, and layering the layers on top of one another. Without kitting out a factory, items can be 'printed' out from a computer in minutes - just like printing a picture or document.

It's mostly used to design prototypes and models, or to quickly replicate designs, as it produces things with no moving parts. But this new car, the Urbee Hybrid, takes the process a step further, plugging in a hybrid engine to produce an actual working car.

Now, don't expect to see this on the road for years to come yet. But it's the clearest sign yet that 3D printing is going to transform the way we make stuff. Now if only someone could 3D print us a date for tonight...

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