The Borings lose Google Street View lawsuit

An American husband and wife, the aptly named Aaron and Christine Boring, have lost the lawsuit they brought against internet giant Google for alleged breach of privacy. The couple had also accused Google of trespassing on private property as well as making money from images of their home in Pennsylvania.

The Boring's house had featured on Google's Street View service which allows the user to see 360-degree ground level images of different locations via the Google Maps website. The couple were looking for over $25,000 in damages.

The presiding judge ruled that the Borings didn't contact Google asking the internet company to remove the images of their home and therefore had not been adversely affected by the photos. "While it is easy to imagine that many whose property appears on Google's virtual maps resent the privacy implications, it is hard to believe that any – other than the most exquisitely sensitive – would suffer shame or humiliation," the judge told the court.

"The plaintiffs' failure to take readily available steps to protect their own privacy and mitigate their alleged pain suggests to the court that the intrusion and their suffering were less severe than they contend." Google Street View 1 The Borings 0.

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