The best used camcorders in London, UK

It's very common for people to look for used camcorders online in London, UK. Refurbished camcorders can be easily available for buyers who are looking for a great deal in electronics. Since there are some camcorders that can cost up to £2000, many people prefer buying a used camcorder, thus saving a lot of money. Discerning users simply know that buying used camcorders is almost the same as getting a new one, since most vendors use their products twice, three times and sometimes even once. When they choose to sell them, the products are practically in perfect condition. Below you will read about some of the best camcorder choices when it comes to used equipment.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II body + 24 - 105 f4 L 1S USM Lens, plus extras, can usually go around £1200. The features of this camcorder are:

  • B+ W MRC UV 010 77mm filter with new Full HD 1080 resolution movie recording options.
  • It Includes a 8GB Compact Flash card (SanDisk Extreme IV, 45MB/s)
  • Think Tank Digital Holster 20 case and 3.9 frames per second continuous shooting
  • High performance DIGIC 4 providing superb image quality.

Sony HVR – HD 1000E

Many camcorder fans find that a used Sony HVR – HD 1000E will deliver great results, at a moderate price of £1200. Among the most important features, this product includes:

  • Highly sophisticated optical stabilisation system. This makes sure that users get glass smooth shots every time.
  • Image device of 1/2.9” CMOS Clearvid sensor and LCD Monitor: Clear Photo 2.7” LCD
  • Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T Zoom Lens, 10x (Optical)
  • Viewfinder of 132 000 Pixels with 16:9 Aspect Ratio.

Panasonic GS400

If you're looking for a great pick in used camcorders at a reasonable price, the Panasonic GS400 can deliver great results for around £310. Here are the specifications for this product:

  • All the accessories are included in the package, Plus 1 spare battery and 5 Panasonic tapes. Pop-up flash, 3,5* LCD monitor, can be used as a webcam, and has a lively colour viewfinder.
  • 3CCD digital with a 4 megapixel digital still camera.
  • Quad Density Pixel Distribution Technology, 12x optical zoom and a powerful 700x digital zoom
  • High performance Leica Dicomar lens
  • Optical image stabilisation
  • Three 1/4.7” CCDs
  • 12 lux low-light recording capability
  • 1 megapixel still image recording

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