The best iPhone deals in Ireland

If you're about to take the plunge and buy yourself the simply smashing iPhone 4, then you are probably wondering which provider offers the best iPhone deals in Ireland. Well, we've taken a look around the market and rounded up just how much it will cost you to pick up the phone on each network.

Not too long ago, it was only possible to pick up the iPhone 4 on O2 thanks to some exclusivity agreements between the two companies. However, the iPhone is now available in Ireland on O2, Vodafone and 3 Mobile, so new customers have a plethora of choice when it comes to how they want to get their iPhone.

For the Apple iPhone 4 16GB model, O2 are offering a deal of €579 on Pay as You Go. If you are a current O2 customer and you upgrade, you will be due up to €30 free call credit. Vodafone offer a similar deal, with the phone costing €589 with €20 free call credit whether you are a new customer or an old one.

3 Mobile offer perhaps our favourite deal. At €579, the phone retails for a similar price to the other companies. However, 3 offer an "All you can eat" deal on mobile data, which is in stark contrast to the slightly less generous allowances currently on offer from the other two mobile providers.

Unfortunately, Meteor mobile currently don't have any plans to offer the iPhone 4, so if you aren't happy with the current deals on offer, then perhaps you should consider going down the pre-owned route.

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