The best Blocks modular smartwatch

If you haven’t already heard of it, the Block modular smartwatch is a computerised wristwatch that’s selling big thanks to great looks and the ability to personalise it. The best Blocks modular smartwatch is the one you create for yourself, so what options do you have?
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Anyone who remembers Google's Project Ara modular phone concept will already be thinking along the right lines. Like Google’s modular phone, the Blocks smartwatch allows you to swap out individual components like the processor or the camera without having to upgrade. This means that you can create the ideal smartwatch for you, and you can also make the ideal watch for each occasion.

A collection in one

This type of watch is therefore a collection of watches in one. Want something to wear while you’re exercising at the gym? If so, why not add the heart rate sensor and pedometer modules? If you’re off for a long walk or a long bike ride, why not add the extra battery and GPS modules? When you’re on a night out or while sightseeing, you’ll probably want to add the 8MP camera. If you add the SIM card module, you’ll be able to upload images directly from your watch to Facebook or send through Email or Whatsapp. Blocks supports both iOS and Android devices thanks to a tailored operating system so whichever phone you have can be linked to the device.

Colours and materials

Each watch consists of a core block, which is basically a display that embeds a processor, a motion sensor and Bluetooth, but aside from that the choice is yours. Aside from changing the modules for each occasion, Blocks also allows you to make changes for aesthetic reasons. You can choose from a wide range of colours and materials.


Of course, the modular nature of the Blocks watch means that it can change with the times. This is technology that can’t get old. In a few years’ time, nothing of the smartwatch you’re wearing now will still be on your wrist but you’ll still be wearing a Blocks modular watch.

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