The beginning of the end?

Without wanting to sound like we’re making racist generalisations, Japan is a really rather odd place. From the clash between the extreme rural spirituality and hyper-urban capitalism, to the fact that some very weird anime porn is created there, we think we can safely say that it’s not very much like anywhere else in the world. Only such a place could produce the technology that we all know and love, like whizzy HD tellies and that.

Take this video below for instance. Ostensibly it’s a young couple in love, cementing their commitment in the holy union of marriage, under the eyes of whatever God it is they believe in, but take a closer look; yes, it’s a robot doing the ceremony. Is this just a pair of geeks having a very awkward family moment, or one step further along the road that ends with us all under the jackboot of a robot fascist dictatorship? Only time, will tell.

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