The 'Apple Event' unveiled. What's new from Apple

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The much vaunted and latest ‘Apple event’ was largely focused on mobile devices rather than any real changes to its computer lineup. Here are the major points to emerge from the day on their Cupertino campus.

Headline news was the announcement of the new flagship phone – the iPhone 5S. Let’s face it, the differences between the 5 and the 5S – are, well – incremental. In terms of shape, size and feel, the 5S is virtually identical, though an expanded colour range of metallic gold, silver and grey is available.

Under the bonnet, a a new 64-bit A7 processor is in the driving seat Since iOS 7 is completely re-engineered for 64-bit, the iPhone 5S is totally optimized for the coming mobile operating system. Operating at speeds up to 50 times faster than the original iPhone and effectively doubling the performance of the iPhone 5. Battery life is marginally improved, with Apple claiming 10 hours of talk time or LTE/Wi-Fi browsing, or 250 hours of standby time for the new model.

Rather than building more pixels into the iPhone S camera, Apple went for larger pixels – 15% larger to be exact. The LED flash has been upgraded to two LED’s and apparently over 1000 variations on flash nuance with the new ‘Two Tone Flash’. Slow motion video capture is also on the table for those golden moments.

Perhaps the most radical development is the Touch ID sensor – a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. Apple claims that all fingerprints are encrypted and secure, never uploaded to Apple’s servers to backed up to iCloud.

Meanwhile, the cheaper iPhone 5C comes in a choice of white, pink, green, blue or yellow. It has the same A6 chip and 8-megapixel rear camera as the iPhone 5, and the same 4-inch Retina Display as the iPhone 5S while supporting more LTE bands than any other smartphone.

Having showcased the new IO7 operating system this summer, Apple officially announced its launch on September 18.

And finally, Apple is making all of its iWork apps — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — along with iPhoto and iMovie free to people who purchase new iOS devices.

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