The anti-suicide projector

Sometimes it seems like technology is just there to get us spending more money or consuming more shallow, expensively-produced 'content.' But every now and then we hear of a story that makes us remember why we like technology so much: because, used properly, it can change lives.

Belgrade, in Serbia, is a nice place, I'm sure. But they must be doing something wrong, because 40 people each year commit suicide by jumping off Belgrade's bridges.

So the city's authorities turned to ad agency McCann Erickson to see if they could come up with a campaign to reduce that number. And this is what they came up with - a projector under the bridge which shines on the ground below the message, 'You are not alone,' combined with the number of a helpline. You can only see the display from the top of the bridge.

Pretty nifty, huh? Rumours that a new version is planned that will play the song by Michael Jackson of the same name are unconfirmed.

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