The Amiga is Back, Well Not Really, But Kinda

If you're 30 or older, you might remember the Commodore Amiga, the much-beloved British PC alternative and gaming PC that carried such famous titles as Deluxe Paint and Rainbow Islands. If you're a bit older, you might also remember its predecessor, the Commodore 64. It had the most basic 8-bit graphics imaginable - the '64' refers to its mere 64 kilobytes of memory - and you had to load its software from a tape cassette, which could take an hour or so to load.

And yet... they were fab. Well, now you can reminisce about the good old days of computing while actually checking your email and doing useful things. Commodore USA, which somehow still exists, is releasing the PC64, a fully-functioning PC jammed into a replica C64 case. With an Atom processor, 4GB or ram and a 1TB hard drive, it's impressively specced - and it'll probably be impressively priced, but we don't know just how yet.

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