The accidental billionaires

It's official: Facebook is a money pit, and Mark Zuckerberg is really, really rich.

How rich? Richer than Steve Jobs. That's right, the 27-year-old who runs the world's biggest social network has more money than the 56-year-old who runs the world's most valuable technology company.

Forbes magazine just released its annual list of the world's billionaires (FYI, there are now 1,120 of the jammy sods). Bill Gates has been overtaken at the number one slot by Mexican magnate Carlos Slim - but only because he's given so much of his money away, that crazy cat.

But the big news is the Facebook bunch. The social network's soaring valuation in the last year has catapulted six of its biggest shareholders into the billionaire ranks. Top of the heap is Zuckerberg, with a whopping $8 billion; but his former room-mates Dustin Muscowitz (the dumb one in the film) and Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield in the film) are in there too. So yeah, don't feel too sorry for Saverin about the whole driven-out-of-the-company thing. He's doing OK.

Also enriched have been investors Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake in the movie) and Peter Thiel (some dude in the movie).

This is pretty big news. But it's not all good news for Zuckerberg - he doesn't get to go around saying he's the 'world's youngest billionaire' any more. That honour goes to his slightly-younger pal Muscowitz.

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