The $1 iPhone case

Remember 2005? That was the year everyone had a cause. Maybe you were Making Poverty History, maybe you were Living Strong against cancer. But everyone had a cause - and every cause had a differently-coloured wristband. White for poverty, yellow for Livestrong, pink for breast cancer... the list was almost endless. Dig about in your drawer and you're sure to find at least one.

So what, you might ask? Well, that old £1 charity wristband might just save you from the iPhone 4's dreaded, much-publicised reception problems. The iPhone Guru has figured out that if you place a few carefully-placed holes in a rubber wristband, and stretch it around your iPhone, you get a nifty shock absorber - and because it covers up the gap between the phone's two antennae, it should prevent those pesky bar-dropping incidents. 'My reception is substantially better after having wrapped my new iPhone in this ugly but functional abomination,' the Guru notes.

Not bad for £1 - and it's all for charidee...

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