That was quick

You might have thought Digitaledge was just another tech blog, but in truth, whole empires quiver at our proclamations. Don't believe us? Check this out! Just yesterday, we declared (along with most of the tech blogosphere, admittedly) the leaked specs of the latest BlackBerry - the Dakota - a bit underwhelming.

Well, you have to hand it to Canada's RIM - makers of BlackBerry - they learn fast. For the very next day (that's today), 'someone at RIM' - maybe, we reckon, their PR department - leaked the specs of a new handset coming later in the year, the Torch 2, the sequel to last year's, er, Torch.

And, ladies and gentlemen, RIM is back in the race. The Torch 2 is apparently packing a 1.2GHz processor, double the oomph of the first Torch. The touchscreen, too, has been boosted to a respectable 640x480 pixels.

The memory allocation is still just 512MB, which is a little stingier than we'd like. But hey, there's plenty of time for RIM to change that before the Torch 2 is released later in the year. We'll just have to complain loudly about it.

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