That Modern Warfare 2 controversy in full

The other day we told you about an Australian lobby group who want to get Modern Warfare 2 banned because of a level which involves shooting civilians in an airport - a no doubt controversial segment of a game that already has an awful lot of attention on it. Well now we can reveal exactly what is so shocking about the level, as the US Entertainment Software Rating Board has published a report which reveals both the plot and the gameplay in detail.

The offending level works thus: it is a skippable level (apparently called ‘No Russian’) where you are undercover in a Russian Ranger group in an airport and tasked with killing ordinary Joes. ESRB say that ‘civilians scream and emit pools of blood as they are shot to death’, which doesn’t sound very nice at all, but not compulsory, as you are ‘given a choice to participate in the killings (e.g., players can shoot a wounded civilian that is crawling on the ground), or walk by and observe without opening fire.’ That’s if you choose to play the level at all.

It looks like Modern Warfare 2 is going to be getting even more flack for a while, as once this story hits the wider press games and gamers are going to catch all sorts of baby killing slurs. Tin hats at the ready, soldiers.

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