Thank you for the music

Rumours have been rumbling for, ooh, ages now that Google might launch a music service. The idea is that you'd buy music from a partner service, maybe 7Digital, and it would be stored in 'the cloud' by Google to be sync'd, Spotify-style, to your various devices. But it's been nothing more than a rumour...

...wait for it...

...until now. (Saw that coming, didn't you?) An eagle-eyed programmer has spotted a 'sync music' option in the new version of Google's Android mobile software. With a bit of hacking he managed to turn it on and, lo and behold, the music on his phone started magically syncing to some mysterious location in the cloud.

So though we won't know for sure until Android 3.0, nicknamed 'Honeycomb', is released in a few weeks, it certainly looks like some sort of Google Music service is in the offing. Which'll increase the pressure on Apple to add a similar function to iTunes. A win-win for us!

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