Thank goodness MizPee is here

How often do you find yourself in a new city and suddenly realise you’re caught short, need to find a public convenience and wish there was a mobile solution to your pressing problem?

What do you mean – never? Oh, dear. You’re right. Any normal person simply asks someone where there’s a loo, or goes into a café, bar or pub and uses one in there. Bad news for the founders of this new online mobile service unveiled at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) this year. It’s another example of a web application that ignores the fact that there is a much quicker, easier and more reliable way of doing what the application promises – network coverage permitting that is.

The service does provide reading materials in the form of downloadable Looisms. No one mention the ready availability of books, newspapers or MWC literature – the MizPee founders might have a breakdown.

(Image: from jemsweb’s flickr stream)

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