Texts on your desktop

Here's a puzzle. Nowadays when we're out and about, we can access all the same things we access on our computer: tweets, Facebook messages, and emails all come to us as alerts on our smartphone. But when we're at the PC, there's no way to get the alerts we want from our phone - like text messages and calls - on our computer. Seems kinda silly, huh?

Well, it's starting to change. Take this great new Android app, MightyText. Install it on your Android smartphone, and install the accompanying Chrome extension on your computer. (You'll need to be a Chrome user, of course, but you really should be anyway.)

Then, whenever you get a text message or an incoming call, not only will your phone buzz, but MightyText will pop up a message in your browser. You can even read text messages on the PC, and reply to them from your own mobile number.

This is just the beginning - in the long run we'd like it so notifications from Twitter, Facebook and the like came to either our PC or our phone depending on what we were up to. But we reckon that'll come in a few years' time (and we reckon Google will pioneer it). For now, MightyText helps ensure you don't miss your mum's call when you're hard at work or surfing the web, and that's good enough for us. Especially since it's free.

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