Texting doesn't affect children's spelling

R u jkn? According to the UK's leading linguistic academic, David Crystal, texting does not affect children's spelling. Having listened to numerous pedants talk about the sms inspired decline of the English language, Dr Crystal decided to investigate.

The results, published in the book Txting: the gr8 db8, show that the doom and gloom is misplaced. It seems that only 10% of words used in text messages are misspelt while over 80% are sent by adults and business people.

Dr Crystal also found that children who text regularly are usually the best spellers, as in order to manipulate a word you first need to know how it is spelt. "If you can't spell a word, then you don't really know whether it's cool to misspell it. Kids have a very precise idea of context - none of those I have spoken to would dream of using text abbreviations in their exams - they know they would be marked down for it." Thx 4 tht Dr Crystal. I txt thr4 I am!

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