Tesco Vs Microsoft, battle to win UK public trust

If the Swede's are debating over their trust of the Church Vs IKEA at the moment, back on our own peaceful, white-cliffed shores, a similar war is about to take hold of the nation, bringing it's consumers to their knees and the very notions of good and evil into turmoil.

Microsoft Vs Tesco - Retailing Royalty takes on Software Giant.

As WebTwitcher previously reported, £20 software packages are now making their assault on the shelves of the UK's favourite supermarket. A galactic test of power and strength, trust, brand loyalty and above all loyalty card points is about to ensue.

Here's a quick run down of the rivals:

Microsoft - Strengths: World domination, Bill (god/the antichrist, depending on your persuasion) Gates.

Weaknesses: Steve 'Crazy Dude' Ballmer, Bill (god/the antichrist, depending on your persuasion) Gates, operating systems.

Tesco - Strengths: UK domination, advertising campaigns, Tesco Value, The Finest Range.

Weaknesses: Jack of all trades, killer of local shops, unchartered computer software territory.

Who will claim the Christmas software crown? WebTwitcher likes to daydream of Tesco's announcement on the 1st of Jan 2007: "UK Computer Users Unite: Tesco Value Victory Over Microsoft Woes (and get stacks of clubcard points to spend in the new year following Xmas blowout)".

Check out some images from the new Tesco Office (it just sounds so wrong, doesn't it??!) on Silicon.com.

WebTwitcher is somewhat disappointed the Value branding has not been harnessed to promote the new range. Please let us know if you add Tesco Office to the bread, eggs, milk, 2 bedroom flat and car insurance shop won't you?


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