tesco paper shredders are some of the best out there

Paper Shredders are becoming one of the most popular products in UK homes and offices as people look to stay secure in an ever more dangerous world. Shredding your documents is a vital part of this, and Tesco have you covered with a huge selection of Shredders.

tesco paper shredders offer value and security, all at a low price, so let's take a look at their range, and see which ones are best. The first one to examine is the Tesco Value 10L Cross Cut Shredder, which retails for a bargain 14.97 pounds, and is available on the Tesco website at http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.202-8140.aspx.

This shredder can take up to a maximum of five sheets of paper at once, and can cut through even laminated paper. This shredder features an auto stop/start function with a capacity of 10 litres and a maximum paper size of A4. It can be easily emptied into a bin when it reaches capacity.

Tesco also offer a higher capacity model the Tesco Home Office 18L Cross Cut Shredder, which is available here http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.202-4528.aspx. This model is an 18L mesh bin with a maximum paper size of A4.  This shredder lets you put up to 5 sheets at once and features an auto stop and start function.

Either of these shredders are perfect for your home or office shredding needs, and both come with the full Tesco guarantee, so if one of them breaks down, you won't be left without a replacement.

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